Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions I receive.

Q. What is a hedgewitch?
A. To put it simply, a hedgewitch is a solitary witch who practices hedge craft or hedge witchery. Hedgecraft is a combination of witchcraft (not to be mistaken with Wicca) and Shamanism. A Hedgewitch is a witch who practices both wortcunning and hedge jumping, that is, she has knowledge and skills about herbs and also astral projection. Many hedge witches also accumulate a great deal of wisdom about the natural world in general, particularly their local ecology.

Q. Do you worship the devil? 

A. No. This is a common misconception regarding all witches that has been largely promoted by the Christian church and today’s media. I don’t believe in the devil or any manifestation of evil. However, a small percentage of witches do, so it isn’t an invalid question.

Q. What do you worship?

A. I feel the earth breathe with life and the energy all objects, living and nonliving, vibrate with. I find I am awe-struck and humbled when I stare up at the night sky, take a walk in the woods, or watch my garden grow. I find my spirituality in the world around me and take deep comfort in science but I also believe in higher powers, including a god or goddess.

Q. What is magic?

A. Read my post about magic here. Magic is very simply energy focused on a specific purpose or intent.

Q. I want to be a witch? Where do I start?

A. Books. While the internet and blogs are wonderful, books are better. This is where I suggest you look first when wanted to become a witch. 

Q. What is the Difference Between a Grimoire and a Book of Shadows?

A. Grimoire, book of shadows, you have probably heard them both through various stories and modern tv shows — but what’s the difference? Is there one? How can these things be used by witches? To tell you the truth, they are practically the same thing. But, from my own personal experience and studies, they are easily distinguishable. Witches have books that contain their spells, mixtures, rituals, and all sorts of information for their craft. The only difference is the personal connection. A grimoire is a general knowledge — a book holding information that all witches can use, that can be passed down and used by any witch. A book of shadows however is a shadow of its owner — detailing its owner’s personal path, beliefs, spells, and rituals not to be shared with anyone unless she consents to it.