About Me

I’m so humbled that you want to know more about me and my blog. First of all, thanks for being here.

I’m Scarlet – not my real name though, my real name is Daniele, but online/gaming world I like to be called Scarlet. I was born on February 20th in Brazil. In 2004 I moved to The Netherlands then in 2017 I moved to Denmark.
I’m a proud “mother” of a lovely German Spitz called Misty & a stray Ginger Cat called Sunny. I’m currently living in a tiny village in Denmark “in the middle of nowhere” with my boyfriend.

I started this blog as a way to share a bit about my life with Bipolar Disorder, and ADHDbut also everything from games (I love playing all kinds of games such as Elder Scrolls Online, Apex Legends, and horror games like Ghost Watchers, Phasmophobia, Dying Light, Resident Evil Series…), movies and music to food, fashion, beauty, home decor, and witchcraft. Yes, I’m a witch.

Since I was a little girl, I knew I was different. I have a strong connection with nature – trees, and plants are my companions. I consider myself a “Green Witch”. Being a green witch is just an umbrella term for the kind of witchcraft I do. In my world, labels are interchangeable. Green witchcraft is a story of herbs, gemstones, plant allies, and flower fairies! ♥

Witchy Journey

At the heart of everything I do, I love working with herbs and plants! Crafting herbal spells and herbal spell remedies brings me a sense of calm, peace, and belonging. I spent many years hiding who I was for fear of judgment and ridicule from peers and loved ones. My practice was private and, admittedly, secretive. I studied and conjured when no one was watching or around. Then I turned 25…and something happened. Something changed in me. I came out of the broom closet. My life was transformed by my desire to live my truth and be my true magical self. And I’ve never looked back since!

A story as old as time, I’ve been practicing Eclectic Witchcraft (more focused on Green & Kitchen witchcraft) for nearly two decades! You might enjoy my journey into witchcraft to learn how to begin your journey as a witch. What I love about witchcraft (besides everything!) is that it’s always fun and interesting and there’s always more to learn!

Connecting with nature is more than a walk through the woods. It’s about being conscious of seasonal changes, becoming attuned to the plants around us, and relearning the natural language we’ve forgotten through our modern lives. 

Speaking of more to learn, did you know that this blog has been blessed? I put a blessing on this blog so that it brings charms, blessings, and secret surprises to whoever encounters it and stops by for a read!

I hope to provide you with a foundation to rewild yourself by aligning with the cycles of the seasons and to help you discover the energies of the seasonal cycles. 

Writing, Content Creation & Gaming

When I was a kid we didn’t even have the internet yet. It wasn’t until my early high school years (2001-ish) that the internet came into mainstream existence, and I started building my first (terrible) website using my father’s education (he was a teacher and had a Ph.D. in math and physics) website as a host, the name was “Planet Teen” which consisted mostly on news about boy bands ( I used to love Backstreet Boys lol) and fashion trends. Later in 2004, I purchased my domain+web hosting and created a weblog called “DannyKitty(dot)com” which consisted of a bunch of pixel gifs, blogging about my daily life, sharing movies or series I’ve watched, passion for cute stuff like Hello Kitty (that’s why the name Danny Kitty lol) and other silly stuff. My blog was quite “famous” in Brazil for some years until I decided to end the blog due to personal reasons. Also, YouTube became “popular” and there was a lot of immigration from having a written blog to making videos and being a YouTuber, and I never felt comfortable making videos. I don’t like seeing myself on camera. Writing is natural for me, I love writing.

There are many things that bring joy to my life, but I feel that playing video games is one of my biggest passions. Besides the part where games can help us distress from our daily life and help add excitement, I find that some games teach us important lessons in life. Don’t believe me? You can read some articles online like this one: “Top 3 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Video Games – Forbes”

First of all, games urge us to strive and persevere. In computer games, there is always the objective of achieving a certain level of greatness in the virtual world. To achieve that we have to play hard, put in the effort, and lots of time before being able to attain that level of superiority.

The first video game I played on a computer was a game called “Lode Runner” (you can play it here), then The Sims, Need for Speed, and Tomb Raider… Then I got my first console, a Sega Master System ^_^ which I had to share with my little brother so we could play Super Mario, Mortal Kombat, and Alex Kidd…So many good memories ♥.
Now in my thirties, I own a gaming computer with the latest tech that I can afford (you can see my gaming setup here).

———— page still under construction

I don’t care when people say I’m not that young anymore to play games (How old do you think the people that make the game you love playing are?)… I will continue to slay dragons, explore the universe, hunt for mythological artifacts and places, save the planet (sometimes the galaxy or universe too) from some extravagant threat, build and conquer empires, travel through time, defy Gods and Demons, go way out of my way to save some princess I don’t even know, or barely know, kill zombies…  or you could say play video games until they pry my cold dead “old” hands off the keyboard! ❤️

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Places I’ve Been

Here’s a map showing all the countries, cities & places I’ve been ♥

Some Fun Facts About Me

Sun in Pisces with Ascendant in Aries.
My favorite chakra is the sacral chakra.
My favorite colors are pink, purple, black, and gray.
I’m an empath.
My favorite ice cream flavor is peppermint.
Wolf is my spirit animal.
I have six tattoos one of them is a sleeve Wolf tattoo.
When I astral travel, my home is an old oak tree.
My favorite gemstones are Amethyst and Tiger Eye.
I’m a bookworm and a BIG fan of Stephen King.
I love horror movies.
I speak fluent English, Dutch, and Portuguese, and I’m currently learning Danish.
I didn’t learn how to ride a bike till I was 8/9…. I was too scared! (thanks Dad for the patience)
I have a Architect Personality – INTJ-A / INTJ-T
I’m a huge introvert. A lot of people tell me that they don’t believe me when I tell them that, but when I know someone well, I open up a lot more. After a long day out, or hanging out with family/friends, for example, I need quiet time to recharge, or I feel overwhelmed.
I’ve started and deleted about 5 blogs throughout my life.
I’ve made more close friends via the Internet than I have through real life.
Make of that what you will, but I love that I can connect with people who have similar interests as me at the click of a button.
I’ve been to Italy at least 6 times. I can’t get enough. I love Italy.
I don’t like Nutella.
I own 30+ plants. I love plants, my living room almost looks like a jungle xD
I’m an avid reader. As I am going through books and blogs I look for descriptive words to help expand my vocabulary.
Indecisive people annoy me.
I strive every day to live in the moment. And to better myself.
I have 1 sibling – a brother, who is 3 years younger than me.
I spend far too much money on video games.
I do believe in extraterrestrial life.
I’m grumpy in the morning. Seriously, do not wake me up! Let me sleep and wake up on my own time or I release all my demons on you!
I’m addicted to coffee ♥
I love puzzles.
I love listening to podcasts and I think it would be super fun to start my own one day.
I’m a total conflict-avoider. No arguments for me! They give me anxiety.

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