Hello! Thank you so much for visiting Moody Witch! 

I’m Scarlet – not my real name though-, thirty-something years old. Born on February 20th, somewhere over the rainbow.  

I am a proud “mother” of a lovely German Spitz called Misty & a cat called Sunny.

I started this blog as a way to share a bit about my life with bipolar disorder and fibromyalgia but also everything from movies and music to food, fashion, beauty, home decor, and witchcraft. Yes, I’m a witch.

Since I was a little girl, I knew I was different. I have a strong connection with nature – trees and plants are my companions.

I’ve lived in Brazil for 19 years, currently, I live in a tiny,  village in Denmark where I live life as a solitary green witch. 

As you’ll soon come to find, being a green witch is really just an umbrella term for the kind of witchcraft I do. In my world, labels are interchangeable. Green witchcraft is a story of herbs, gemstones, plant allies, and flower fairies!

A story as old as time, I’ve been practicing witchcraft for nearly a decade! You might enjoy my journey into green witchcraft series to learn how to begin your journey as a witch. What I love about witchcraft (besides everything!) is that it’s always fun and interesting and there’s always more to learn!

Speaking of more to learn, did you know that this blog has been blessed? I put a blessing on this blog so that it brings charms, blessings, and secret surprises to whoever encounters it and stops by for a read! 

At the heart of everything I do, I love working with herbs and plants! Crafting herbal spells and herbal spell remedies brings me a sense of calm, peace, and belonging. 

I spent many years hiding who I was for fear of judgment and ridicule from peers and loved ones. My practice was private and, admittedly, secretive. I studied and conjured when no one was watching or around. Then I turned 25…and something happened. Something changed in me. I came out of the broom closet. My life was transformed by my desire to live my truth and be my true magical self. And I’ve never looked back since!

I am here to help empower modern women to be their TRUE magical selves, no matter what other people think or say. After feeling like I had to be someone I wasn’t for much of my life, I hit a critical point when I felt I had to live my truth and stop living according to others’ expectations. It was painfully difficult at first, and I was afraid to reveal my true self, but once I did, I felt a huge weight lifted off of me.


  • Sun in Pisces with Ascendant in Aries
  • My favorite chakra is the sacral chakra
  • My favorite colors are pink, purple, black, and gray.
  • My plants are my pets.
  • I’m an empath.
  • My favorite flavor is vanilla.
  • Wolf is my spirit animal.
  • I have six tattoos one of them is a sleeve Wolf tattoo.
  • When I astral travel, my home is an old oak tree.
  • My favorite gemstones are Amethyst and Tiger Eye.
  • Crystals, Herbs, and Plants are my everything! 
  • I’m a bookworm and a BIG fan of Stephen King. 
  • I love horror movies.
  • Favorite Quote: “You’ve gotta live every single day,
    Like it’s the only one, what if tomorrow never comes?.” ~ Nickelback.

My inbox is always open if you need some advice or just want someone to vent to, contact me if you want someone to talk to! <3

From the bottom of my heart thank you for reading and following along!

As above, so below.

xx Scarlet

Thanks to PicJumboPixabay and Unsplash for the most images I use in this blog.