Celebrating Ostara, the Spring Equinox

A little History

Ostara is a pagan festival marking the spring equinox. Though the exact roots of the festival are unknown, it certainly predates the modern Christian faith. Many historians believe that Ostara hails from an ancient Germanic pagan celebration honoring the goddess of spring and dawn, Ostara (Eostre, Eostra, Eastre to the Saxons) though it was not observed as an official holiday. It was first mentioned by Bede, an English monk and scholar in his time (673-735).

As with many other festivals, beliefs, and holy days, Ostara has become woven with the traditions of the cultures who have adopted its observation. Regardless of the details, Ostara celebrates the coming of spring, fertility, growth, and rebirth. 

While so many people in the world are getting excited for that giant bunny to deliver Easter baskets full of candy, cellophane grass, and toys, we’re gearing up to beckon warmth and growth.

Intention is Everything

You already know, intention is everything. But different energies are better suited for different intentions. If you’ve ever cast during a moon phase, you know what I mean.

Yes, you can take fertility literally, but the Spring Equinox season is also an amazing time to birth new ideas, plans, businesses, etc. 

This is prime time for manifestation! Get some clarity, welcome a new opportunity, receive divine wisdom, take on a new collaboration, or move forward with a new idea.

 Throughout your practice, hold your intention with clarity in your heart and mind.

Ostara Rituals

Ostara traditions have gotten a bit convoluted over time, but the same energy drives each of the rituals I’ve found. Here are a few of my favorites:

Coloring Eggs – You may think dyeing eggs is child’s play, but many Ostara traditions include eggs, a universal sign of fertility and abundance. To add a little more magick to this fun tradition, you can draw sigils or runes with a white crayon before you dip them into your favorite color dyes.

Cleaning and Energetic Clearing – Yes, spring cleaning! We have to make room for all of the amazing things to come through the new year. This is the perfect time to make physical space by decluttering and energetic space by smudging.

Planting Ritual – Have you ever heard of “seed blessings”? A ritual can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like, but essentially you visualize and hold your intention while planting a seed. The perfect time to show a little love to your herb garden.

Ostara Meditation – Meditation is often overlooked as a ritual, but rituals are meditation in their own right. You can use a guided meditation, simply turn inward and reflect on your intention, or you can even go on a hike as a moving meditation.

Write Your Own Prayer –  Pen your own short prayer honoring the blessings of Mother Earth and Spring. Place it on your altar or share it with your sisters. This is the perfect ritual to raise your awareness of the opportunities for new birth and growth the Spring Equinox brings. 

Happy Ostara and blessed be everyone!

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