Dianic Witchcraft

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Dianic Witchcraft is a segment of Witchcraft that celebrates the divine feminine and acknowledges it in every aspect of nature and beyond. This movement of Witchcraft was founded by Zsuzsanna Budapest.

Dianic Witches practice many of the same rituals and rites as traditional Wicca but is not expressly considered a Wiccan tradition. 

What is Dianic Witchcraft

Dianic Witchcraft is at its core a deeply feminist path that puts an emphasis on honoring the Goddess in its tradition to the near exclusion of the concept of her male counterpart, the God.

Dianic Witches celebrate the divine feminine in all they do and seek to empower women by asserting that, as the physical embodiment of the Goddess, women are sacred.

Ways to Practice Dianic Witchcraft

The Dianic tradition is organized commonly into “groves”, which is similar to the coven of Wicca and other paths of witchcraft. The best way to learn and experience Dianic Witchcraft is to learn directly from the source!

Dianic Witchcraft Books