Do Pagans Believe in God?

The answer to this question depends upon your meaning of the word “God”. If you’re referring to the narrow definition of “god” to mean solely the Christian concept of “God”, then perhaps the answer to your question is “no”. Pagans are not Christians. However, it’s not that simple. Many Pagans, myself included, believe that there is only one God and that all religions on Earth reach out to this god in their own way. So, using that definition, thinking of “God” in a larger sense, as an entity or force that cannot be bound by narrow human conceptions, the answer to your question would most definitely be “yes”.

Many Pagans realize that the nature of “God” or the Divine is something that cannot be described by our limited human perceptions. So we make up whatever concepts we need in an attempt to explain that which cannot be explained. This is religion. Many human beings fail to realize that The Divine is not the same thing as religion. I’ve met many Christians whom I would contend do not worship God at all, but worship Christianity itself. As I have Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and, yes, Pagans. It is too easy for us to believe that our way is the only way. To concede that other religions might just be as valid as ours contradicts everything we believe in. So, therefore, if someone belongs to another religion and they do not believe what we believe, and we are the one, true way and the only path to God, then we contend that those who follow those other religions cannot possibly believe in God.

This is not true.

To understand what Pagans believe, you must first acknowledge the concept that for a Pagan the concepts of the “Goddess” and the “God” are simply metaphors to help define and shape our understanding what the duality of The Divine, the feminine and masculine aspects that exist in all species. Few Pagans think of the Goddess and the God as literal, sentient beings, as many Christians think of their God sitting on a throne in a city in the sky where the roads are paved with gold. To us, these are metaphors that help foster our understanding of the dualistic nature of The Divine, just as that wise, benevolent being sitting on a throne is a metaphor that helps Christians conceptualize their relationship with The Divine. You see, to us, it’s entirely possible that both Pagans and Christians are correct in their basic concepts. We both reach out to the same Universal energy. Christians call in God or Jesus. Wiccans call it The Goddess and The God. Pagans call it by many names.

So, if you can accept that our concept of “God” is different from yours and that perhaps we’re both worshiping the same thing, then one would have to concede that Pagans most definitely believe in God. We just describe it differently.

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