Moody Witch – A bit self-explanatory.
Moody – I have Bipolar Disorder, so my mood constantly changes depending on various situations, triggers, etc. So I created this blog to be my personal little space to write about whatever I like and also to help others cope with their mental health as I cope with mine. 

I speak Portuguese (I’m Brazilian), English, Spanish, and Dutch (lived in the Netherlands from 2004-2017 and I have a Dutch Nationality), currently learning Danish.

160 cm = 5’2.99. 

Brazil: 36/37  Europe: 37/38 US: 6,5/7″

I have a few but Asperger and artichoke are high on the list. I also don’t like caramelized potatoes and when people use raisins and fruits in a salad.

I have so many! Forgive me, you might find me a terrible human being, but I assure you I’m nice ◝(ᵔᵕᵔ)◜ So here we go: 
Loud chewing or drinking, being late, interrupting, talking during a movie, people talking to me while using headphones, poor driving etiquette, being stared at, people that say  
“No Offense” after saying something insulting (so rude!), the word literally or like used in every sentence, pessimism, being told to “Calm Down” (you don’t tell a Latina to calm down!!), people that sneeze or cough without covering their mouth, nosey questions, bragging, having to repeat myself, bad grammar. So much more, I think I will make a post about this, might be fun to write it
˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶  

Yes, I do! 
Potamophobia – fear of rivers or running water. 
Thalassophobia – persistent and intense fear of deep bodies of water such as the sea, oceans, or lakes. 
Katsaridaphobia – fear of roaches. I can’t even see a picture of it. NOOO!!! 
Chilopodophobia – fear of Centipedes. Same reason as roaches. Why so many legs? Why so creepy looking? 
Acrophobia – fear of heights 
I don’t like clowns and I don’t like staring at mirrors so much, It’s like something else is in there staring at me. If I look in the mirror for too long I start having hallucinations like my face distorting and turning into a monster or I see an unknown person, monsters… I try to avoid it, especially in the night. 

I have six tattoos, the biggest one is a wolf – right arm. There’s a picture of it on my Instagram. 

Green Witches are aligned with plants, healing, natural energy, creativity, Mother Earth, and the universe. From there, personally, being a Green Witch means having a powerful connection to forests, trees, stones, streams, storms, the four elements, and the spirit within every other being. A belief in the sacredness of all that exists within nature, from seashells and mountains to wrens, wolves, and humans. And an appreciation and honoring of the cosmic energy that connects us all. As such I care about what I grow, eat, use, and re-use. 
– I do not harm, disturb, or disrespect animals. I see them as my friends, and companions, and as entitled to their lives as I am to mine. 
– I do not take what is already in its place of belonging. 
– I study and work with the healing of herbs, nature, natural movement, the power within, and the power of connecting to the whole. 
– My favorite place is deep in the forest or on any other path that is least traveled. 
– And I love the magick, adventure, and discovery that is found as I go ever deeper along the way. 

No. This is a common misconception regarding all witches that has been largely promoted by some religions and today’s media. I don’t believe in the devil. However, a small percentage of witches do, so it isn’t an invalid question. 
What do I worship? 
I feel the earth breathe with life and the energy all objects, living and nonliving, vibrate with. I find I am awe-struck and humbled when I stare up at the night sky, take a walk in the woods, or watch my garden grow. I find my spirituality in the world around me and take deep comfort in science but I also believe in higher powers, including a god or goddess. 

Yes! Of course, I do believe in God ♥

Know the Risks. Witchcraft isn’t just fun and games; perks like hexes and love spells can come with a price. The infamous Salem witch trials may seem far in the past, but the persecution of witches (or those suspected of witchcraft) continues today. Choose your path.  There’s no shortage of types of witchcraft, meaning there’s also no shortage of choices for an aspiring witch. Rather than get overwhelmed, get your bearings by having at least a basic understanding of witchcraft terms. Do your research. The internet and blogs are wonderful and there are a lot of interesting books about 

♥ Any questions you would like to ask me? Feel free to ask in the comments below

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