For a woman, you’re very opinionated…

Well yes, I’m An Opinionated Woman & IDGAF about it!

When you’re a woman with strong opinions, ironically, people seem to have a lot of opinions about you. In a world that seems instructed to train women to remain docile and submissive, empowering and strong-minded women are starting to make a fierce claim for acceptance. Unfortunately, the struggle is real! When you’re confident in how you feel about a certain topic and you speak with conviction about the things you believe in passionately, it’s inevitable that people will try to slay you in return to silence you, especially men. 


You’re no stranger to being labeled crazy, disagreeable, or a bitch for having a strong take on something but yet, when a man voices his opinion, he’s just a man. You wish people knew that there was more to you than just your fierce opinions.

I’ve never been one to shy away from voicing my opinions and I shouldn’t have to. In my dating life, in particular, this has caused problems because way too many guys just can’t handle me.  I’m an opinionated woman and IDGAF if that scares guys off.

Guys who are looking for a pushover don’t interest me. They’re weak AF and if they were real men, they wouldn’t hesitate or shy away from the challenge of dating and loving a woman with a strong mind of her own. If a guy thinks I’m “too opinionated” or has any other archaic opinions about me, he can beat it — he’s clearly not on my level.

I’m proud of the fact that I have more going for me than just a pretty face. I’m well-spoken and I’m proud of the things I’ve learned in life so I don’t hesitate to express my feelings about anything. Isn’t the whole point of life to be yourself and be proud of who you are?

Sure, submissive and doting women may seem like the easy and peaceful road to take for weak men, but having a strong and badass woman that doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind is one you definitely want in your corner. Not only can I handle myself but I won’t back down from standing up for my partner either.

Women aren’t delicate creatures who need a guy’s guidance to live amazing, fulfilling lives — far from it. I’m proud to be someone who isn’t a product of an ideology that was born hundreds of years ago. I’m proud as hell to stand tall and use the voice that was given to me. 

I don’t believe in being a fake person just to appease a guy. If a guy does something to piss me off or says something totally uncalled for, I’ll be quick to put him in check. I have every right to do so. I’m not going to remain silent and allow myself to get walked all over by anyone. 

I won’t stand idle and silent or avoid asserting my personality and opinions in an attempt to avoid offending someone. I’m not an ignorant person and I’m open to the opinions of others, I just have some of my own as well. I was given a brain and a voice for a reason.

I’ll never be that girl who lets her guy speak for her — it’s just not who I am. I view relationships as two individuals who come together as partners, not a guy who takes over and controls who I am or who I’m allowed to be. I couldn’t give two craps about the guys who think I’m “too opinionated” because they’re not the right guys for me whatsoever.

I’m an opinionated woman. I’m smart and it’s sexy.

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