Hedge Witchcraft

The Hedge Witch is a deeply individualistic and often solitary kind of Witch that honors nature and has a learned aptitude for spirit communication and travel through unseen realities. There are actually many different descriptions of what a Hedge Witch is and does as a result of its individualistic nature, but a hedge witch generally incorporates elements of herbalism, healing and psychic awareness.

If you’re someone who has a connection to spirits or desires to lift the veil between worlds with a reverence for the natural world and the healing of others, Hedge Witchcraft just might be for you.

To learn is to grow, and Hedge Witches are ALWAYS learning from the natural world around them to divine answers from animals, forecast changes in weather, and on a more practical level, work with spirits of all kinds to get answers to questions. 

This sounds like a lot, but put simply, Hedge Witchcraft is a highly shamanic segment of Witchcraft that focuses on drawing spiritual insight from the natural world, learning from the knowledge of those that came before us, and communing with spirits by traveling into and through the non-ordinary reality, or “Over The Hedge”.


Nature holds within it many mysteries of this world. Hedge Witches know this and are deeply focused on the natural world as a whole. Spend time in nature quietly listening to what it has to say. Lean into your interconnectedness within the web of life and remove your ego’s desire to see yourself as separate.


Learn to be at peace with yourself and everything around you through quiet contemplation and meditation. Hedge Witchcraft is most beneficial when paired with a well-tempered mind that can easily cut through the noise of daily life and meditate on the unseen.


One of the most traditionally shamanic practices of Hedge Witchcraft is the ability of the Witch to alter their consciousness to access non-ordinary reality, or the “Jump The Hedge”. We spend most of our waking hours in a state of mind that only sees the world we live in on this plane of existence. Altering one’s consciousness is the ability to lift the veil between our reality and the one that lies just beyond, and to ask questions of those who reside there–taking answers back with us to our ordinary reality.


To gain insight and not share it is a great disservice to humankind. The Hedge Witch learns insights through humility and practice and shares what they learn to improve their community and relationships.


Many people throw an understanding of herbs into the definition of Hedge Witchcraft, but it’s not a core competency. The Hedge Witch can use herbs and plants to enhance their psychic awareness and increase their ability to alter their consciousness, but it’s not a requirement to travel between the worlds psychically. Rhythmic drumming is one of the most common ways to jump the hedge, while herbs like Mugwort and Yarrow flower can enhance vision quests as well.

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