Hereditary Witchcraft

The Hereditary Witch is a Witch that practices folk magic or witchcraft traditions that have been passed down between generations within their family. Often, Hereditary Witchcraft is practiced as a cultural expression as well, celebrating familial roots and following the traditions and rituals of that culture’s pantheon.

If you’ve heard someone referring to themselves as a Hereditary Witch, it most likely means that their mother or father taught them the craft at a very young age, and the lineage possibly even goes back farther generation by generation.

What is Hereditary Witchcraft

It’s hard to start Hereditary Witchcraft, well, because it has to be taught to you from a young age by your mom, dad, grandma or someone in your direct family line.

If you’re curious, and the conversation won’t cause any hard feelings, talk to your parent about your new path of Witchcraft to see if there are any connections in your distant past.

Hereditary Witchcraft Books