How to Create a Magical Evening Routine

Following my last post, How to create a magical morning routine, it makes sense to cover how to have a magical evening as well. Again, I would like to say you are by no means obligated to perform magic on a daily basis. I certainly don’t, but if you are looking for ways to have a more magical day, consider incorporating the following into your daily routine.

Making sleep a habit. Routines are super powerful. They allow us to accomplish everything we do during the day such as getting dressed, driving to work, and making dinner. Our brains rely on the patterns we’ve created. The more often a pattern is repeated, the less the brain needs to rely on the decision-making part of the brain (the prefrontal cortex). What does that mean? Sleep is brain juice. When you’re tired, the brain cuts back from this part of your brain that requires the most juice to run. That leaves us less able to think as quickly or as clearly. Logic leaves, emotions take over. The routine we’re used to happens as if on its own because it’s happening in the part of your brain that runs on less brain juice, the basal ganglia. It’s basically an auto-pilot mode. 

Making sleep predictable. You want your bedtime routine to be 100% predictable. Same activities and same order every day. I know that’s a tough order if you’re not wired that way but this really is important.

Take some time to meditate. Meditation, even just 5 minutes, relieves stress and lowers blood pressure. Furthermore, it’s a great way to reconnect and recenter after a long day.

Write about your day in a journal.  Although It doesn’t seem very magical, writing about your day before bed allows you to rid yourself of negativity, and provides you an opportunity to analyze your day from a magical perspective. Did you see the same number repeatedly? Did someone say or did something odd?

When you start keeping a daily journal, you may find that the universe and spirit are trying to communicate with you, and what is more magical than that?

Cleanse your phone. You and I both know you are attached to that thing. Before you go to bed, wipe it down (not very magical but prevents diseases) and magically cleanse it. You’d be surprised how much this changes your evening. Once you cleanse it, don’t use it again until morning. Disconnect… Unplug… Be Offline! This symbolic ritual will help you wind down in the evening and leave one of your most-used devices clear of negative energies. Also, the lights radiating from the screen keep you awake, but the messages/images also can affect you emotionally and cause spikes of adrenaline. Natural darkness releases the chemical melatonin which helps us fall asleep, exposing ourselves (unnecessarily) to screens of any sort, delaying the production of melatonin, and therefore standing in the way of you getting the rest you deserve.

Set your intentions for the following day. Have you ever been tossing around in bed because you were overthinking about the next day? I know I certainly have. Instead, be one step ahead and prepare for the next day. Preparing, even if it’s just some small things, really takes off the pressure and reduces the stress.

For example:

  • Write down a to-do list of things you want/need to get done. Writing it down means it no longer has to linger in your mind. Win-win!
  • Prepare your outfit for the next morning.
  • Set the washing- and/or coffee machine on a timer

Wash your face to wash away the day. You do this in the morning and you should do it at night before bed. Don’t bring that crap into bed with you. Seriously! Let it wash away down the sink. Imagine the water you use is infused with golden healing light. As you wash, it pulls away from all the negativity from the day and infuses your skin with health and vibrancy.

Relax in the rays of the Moon. The Moon is a pretty big deal in witchcraft in case you didn’t know. When she finally rises, go outside and soak in her glow. This is the most magical thing I do. Nothing beats staring up and feeling her gentle embrace. Talk to her if you want. She is there to listen.

Ground and center using the Earth or crystals. Use a crystal to ground and center before bed if you are having a hard time falling asleep. Just simply hold the crystal in your hand with your eye closed and focus on your breathing. Imagine your feet growing roots that sink deep into the Earth. 

Stretch/Yoga. Allowing yourself a gentle yoga practice is a great way to wind down and connect with your breath and body. It’s important to remember that this practice shouldn’t be about maximizing positions or challenging your range of motion, it’s about deep, intense, relaxation. Letting go of the events of the day, reconnecting with the current moment. When it comes to nighttime yoga, my advice is to approach the ‘yin’. Meaning, hold poses longer and support your body where you can with extra blankets or pillows.

Some great beneficial nighttime poses:

  • Child’s pose
  • Cat’s/Cow’s pose
  • Seated forward fold
  • Corpse pose
  • Legs against the wall

If that all sounds like a crazy talk to you, check out this video from Yoga with Adriene where she goes through a 12-minute wind-down yoga sequence, it’s worth it! ♥

Expand your mind by reading a book. It really doesn’t matter if the book is witchy or not. It is magical just to read and escape for a little while. I try to read for at least 15 minutes every day. Put away the computer and the phone and pick up a book.

Enchant your pillow to bring good dreams by spraying your pillow with a calming mist. I have a mist infused with essential oils that brings happiness. This is what I use most often but other choices can include mists with lavender, sage, or chamomile. Lavender is one of my favorites. Make sure whatever you use is safe to touch your face as you will be sleeping on it.

Refresh your sheets! Isn’t it the best feeling ever to curl inside fresh bedsheets?

There is no need to refresh your sheets daily (I do it weekly) but there are small things you can do to make the experience as fresh as possible, for example:

  • Shake out your duvet and tuck the mattress cover in tight.
  • Fluff up and flip the pillows over.
  • Lightly spray the bed with a mix of some water and a few drops of lavender essential oil as I mentioned above.
  • If you have pets sleeping in bed with you, there is no harm in using a lint roller to remove the fur.

Place amethyst next to your bed to enhance dreaming. If you are looking to perform some dream magic, amethyst is a great crystal to use. It enhances psychic abilities, opens you up to dream messages, and even will help you remember them in the morning. Make sure to record them in a dream journal when you wake up!

BONUS: If you wear glasses or contacts, enchant them in the evening when you clean them to bring you insight the following day. Most of what you do in the evening should be a reflection on the current day and washing away any negativity so you can start fresh the next day. 

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