How To Support

Thank You for visiting this page, here you can find everything you need to keep up to date with my Blog-Twitch Channel and ways to support it.

If you have money to spare and fancy helping support the site or my stream then go ahead and use the options below. If you choose to do this then thank you so, so much! You have no idea how much it means to me to think that there are people out there who love to support others.

Twitch Subscribers

By Subscribing you help support the channel! Here are the Subscriber Perks:

  • Adorable Subscriber Kitty Badges
  • Sub-Only Discord Channel
  • Special Tag on Discord
  • Subs Can Clip Video
  • Subs Can Use Special Chat Commands
  • Channel Point Multipliers up to 2x!
  • My forever gratitude ♥

Support my stream with Throne, Amazon Wishlist, or PayPal

Disclaimer: By donating to my PayPal, or sending gifts through Throne or AmazonWishlist you are claiming that the money being used is your own money and that you are willingly and voluntarily donating this money. You acknowledge that you are receiving no items in return for this donation and that the money donated is non-refundable. By donating you are agreeing to these terms and if a claim or chargeback is submitted you are waiving your right to a refund by clicking on any of these links.

Use Throne to send gifts safely, alerts pop up on the stream and you can even suggest gifts!
Use AmazonWishlist to send gifts safely, alerts won’t pop up on the stream.
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