Kitchen Witchcraft

Kitchen Witchcraft takes place in the heart of the home and is a fun and loving path that anyone can use to integrate magic into their daily life. Cooking has long been the most important life-giving activity within the home, so it’s no wonder that Kitchen Witchcraft is so impactful for so many Witches in the modern day.

Whether you live alone or already cook for an entire family, this path is incredibly simple to get started with, and all that’s required are mindful intentions and a clean kitchen. 


Kitchen Witchcraft is a very widely approachable path of Witchcraft because it doesn’t rely on elaborate rituals and can easily be practiced by the solitary witch who may or may not be able to practice their craft publicly. 

We all need to eat to live, but the Kitchen Witch understands that there is so much more to it than that. A pot can simply be stirred, or it can be stirred to bring inward the healing energies into the food so that it might benefit those who eat it. This is a simple, yet clear example of the power that Kitchen Witches can infuse in their daily practice. 

You don’t need much to get started. Just a simple desire to learn and an intention to improve the lives of those who live in your home (including yourself!).


As they cook, it’s your job to clean, organize, and maintain a kitchen that is conducive to the magical work that you desire to do. It can be difficult to focus intention in a positive way when clutter and messes are all around. Take time to remove any unnecessary items, make sure no stagnant dust or energies lurk in dark corners, and give your kitchen a facelift that will make you proud to be there every day.


A kitchen altar can be a simple space that holds your herbs, candles, etc, or, it can even be your entire kitchen! In general, an altar should be energetically neutral until you invite your desired energies into it, and your kitchen should be no different. Keep it clean, dust-free, and without clutter or useless items. This space is both practical and useable, so make sure you consecrate it as such!


A fantastic way to begin your Kitchen Witchcraft path is to write your own recipes. These can be adaptions of existing recipes at first or remakes of recipes handed down to you through your family. Make sure to include magical aspects such as infusing intentions, casting circles, using sigils, or whatever else you feel led to do in your craft.


Cultivating your own food is a deeply satisfying and enlightening experience. If you have the space, start a small garden outside to grow lettuce, herbs, and flowers, or create a small window sill herb garden if space is limited. A Kitchen Witch must be patient, knowledgeable, and trust their intuition, and growing your own food allows you to learn these traits in a hands-on way.


What separates a Kitchen Witch from a common cook is the care and intention that is infused into the food. Along with that, a deep connection and reverence for each ingredient, plant, and animal is shown. Give thanks for the ingredients, honor their path to your table, and bless them as they become blessings to yourself and others in your home.

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