Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

Low back pain that doesn’t go away or keeps returning can really affect your life. One thing you can then do is look for ways to cope better with the pain instead of constantly fighting it or desperately trying out every treatment you come across.

Chronic low back pain can be a major problem, making you feel like you can no longer manage the demands of work and family life. The pain also often gets in the way of social activities like meeting up with friends or doing hobbies. People who have chronic low back pain often say that it sometimes gets too much and they withdraw from activities. Some people keep quiet about their pain for a long time or feel guilty because they think they are a burden to their partners, friends, or family members. The pain is often particularly bothersome when it occurs suddenly and forces you to cancel plans.

I suffer from back pain since 2013 when I had to move from one apartment to another, back when I was living in Holland. I had no one to help me out with most of the moving so my only choice was to do the heavy lifting, cleaning and organising the new home all by myself. When I was done with it I could barely walk. I had severe pain in my back. I went to the doctor but all he could do was to refer me to a physiotherapist and give me painkillers. Since then, the pain comes and goes. I’ve tried a myriad of treatments over the years to alleviate my lower back pain—some helped a little, others not at all.

On Saturday 26th of October this year, I woke up to realize I was in agony. It was my lower back. I tried moving, I tried lying still, I tried sitting: everything hurt. I took some painkillers and it did not help. Later that day I went to a professional massage to get a deep tissue massage. It was a one-hour massage but only helped with my neck pain and to relieve some stress but the back pain was still there.

I went to work on Monday, the pain was unbearable. I visited a chiropractor recommended by a co-worker. The chiropractor said I have a herniated disc with sciatica and that I should follow a list of low-impact exercises & stretches followed by rest and painkillers. 

Over the next days, the pain worsened. It is the most intense just above my right hip, but it had infused my whole being, taken my energy. It is exhausting, being in pain and worrying about being in pain. I feel very low. I wanted it to get better straight away so that I could get back to my old life. There is something about back pain that makes you desperate to find a magical solution. Bearing the pain, waiting for it to get better, is unthinkable 😔

I have an appointment with my GP this week, I hope I can get a second opinion about it. I just want this pain to be gone! 

Update 08/11: I went to my GP and she agreed with the chiropractor’s diagnosis. Oh well, now just wait to magically disappear? 🙄

Thanks for stopping by and going through this journey with me.

Gentle hugs.

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