Secular Witchcraft

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Secular Witchcraft is a wonderful path of Witchcraft that takes a non-theistic approach to magic. If you’ve come from a deeply rigid religious structure, or you are wanting to start your spiritual journey over with a clean slate, a secular approach to Witchcraft is a great place to begin anew.

The Secular Witch leaves room in their practice for new ideas, new ways of thinking and aims to come to their own conclusions about their personal power, possibly distancing themselves from some of the more commonly cited dogmas of spirituality. But this doesn’t mean that Secular Witches are completely non-spiritual. You create your own path in Witchcraft, so trust your heart and do what feels right to you!

What is Secular Witchcraft

Secular Witchcraft is the philosophy of magic that tends to remove the reverence of gods and goddesses from its practice.

There are many Witches who are secular or atheist, and Secular Witchcraft is essentially their iteration of the traditional form of ritual magick and spellwork. 

There is no religious dogma that governs witchcraft and magic, and that fact lends itself to an open-door policy to Witchcraft regarding spiritual beliefs.


Secular witchcraft allows you to believe whatever you want, so you’ll want to have a broad understanding of the practical application of magic so you can draw your own conclusions. Study books, learn from others, etc.


Many religious traditions that practice witchcraft plot a path for you to follow. As a Secular Witch, you’ll have to borrow ideas and traditions from the distant past and even those religious traditions to make your own path means to you. Be bold and do what feels good to you!


Religious paths of Witchcraft often invoke deities to assist them in raising and working with energy in their spellwork. As a Secular Witch, you’ll need to find other forms of energy manipulation to accomplish this. Often these take the form of universal energy, a natural phenomenon like storms, and even the Witch themselves.