Solitary Witchcraft

The Solitary Witch is within us all. My definition is a bit different than that of others in that I believe we are all Solitary Witches in some form or another. To separate Witchcraft from one’s inner, highest self is to do it a disservice. And it is in those quiet moments of stillness that we do fight our most difficult battles of the strength of mind, power of will, and conscious creation of our world.

Solitary Witchcraft is simply a choice one makes, in varying degrees of separation from others, to go within and listen to the quiet voice of the essential nature of all things. Our greatest teacher of magic is within us now. The Solitary Witch knows this and develops their personal power through deep self-discovery, reflection and ritual.

What is Solitary Witchcraft

Solitary Witchcraft is a path that is practiced alone for the most part. There are many reasons to choose this path. Maybe you don’t have access to a group of Witches or Coven in your area. Or maybe you’re still building your confidence and would like to sort things out for yourself. Either way, Solitary Witchcraft is perfect for you.

You don’t need anything special to get started, but there are some key traits that Solitary Witches cultivate to be successful. Some of those traits are organization, discipline, mental toughness, and good time management. As a Solitary Witch, you’ll find it necessary to use your time wisely and make magic a daily or weekly occurrence for you, as it’s easy to let your days and weeks slip by without basic structure.


Since the Solitary Witch doesn’t learn a singular structure of magic as in a traditional Wiccan coven, you’ll want to be constantly educating yourself on new ideas, current systems of magic, and the paths you’ve chosen to follow. Use books, audiobooks, forums, and videos to accomplish this quickly.


Just because you don’t work magic with others in a ceremonial setting doesn’t mean you need to isolate yourself from other Witches entirely. Find friends who also practice the craft and share your experiences and knowledge with them as they do the same with you. This builds everyone up within the community and minimizes divisive thoughts and behaviors.


Intention is a key element of Witchcraft that is very important to be clear about. As a Solitary Witch, you need to be very, very clear about your own intentions for your magic and spellwork before you begin your workings. In a group setting, this intention is often agreed upon as a group or premeditated by the leadership, but in your case, you need to be the leader of your craft’s intentions. Don’t forget this!