The Magic of Cats

The Magic of Cats

Anyone who has ever lived with a cat (I won’t say “owned” because no one actually owns a cat) knows that they are magical creatures. 

Some of that magic is good, like when you are having a bad day and they start purring and magically make you feel better. Some of it is not so good like when they magically get into the catnip you swore you’d hidden securely in a cabinet they couldn’t possibly reach.

Then, of course, there is the other kind of magic. The association between cats and witches goes back centuries, and in modern days witches often find themselves drawn to cats, even if they don’t use them in their magical practice. Cats were worshipped in Egypt, and many of us today still have a statue of the cat-headed goddess Bastet to adorn our altars. They were important in many other cultures, including those of India, Persia, China, Japan, and Greece.

Unfortunately for cats, the Catholic Church didn’t share that sentiment, and around the 1200s, declared that they were associated with witches and the devil. Countless numbers of cats were tortured and killed because of it. To this day, many people are superstitious about black cats, and they are the least likely to be adopted from a shelter. (Quick—go to a shelter and get one. No, really. I’ll wait.)

Thankfully, most modern witches think having a black cat is a good thing. I myself have one cat at the moment, his name is Sunny. He appeared in my garden at night on December 19, 2019. I heard a kitten meowing outside, sounded like he needed some help and when I got there he was fine but just a bit hungry. I feel like he chose me. 

Cats are the only animals that we keep as pets that will decide who their owners are, so their choice has some significance.

The cat familiar is a companion to a witch, they are drawn together as if by a magnet, each intuitively knowing they are meant to be together, they are similar in character as both are astute, wise, and independent. When the witch and cat are at work together the magic pull is extremely powerful and they know instinctively that it is meant to be, a bonding takes place and the two form a lifelong alliance. Cats have a mysterious air about them and have for centuries been linked to all matters occult.

Mind you, a cat doesn’t have to be black to be magical. Familiars come in all shapes and sizes and colors. You can tell if a cat is a familiar by how he or she reacts to magical work. 

Familiars lend their energy to the witches who work with them, tapping into the unseen in ways we can’t understand. Some cats also appear to sense spirits or possibly elementals, whether or not they are familiars. Ever see your cat staring fixedly at nothing? Do you know what they see? Nope, me either. But whatever it is, only they seem to be able to sense it.

Don’t worry if none of your cats appear to be familiars—that doesn’t mean you can’t do magical work with or for them. 

There are also a lot of spells to improve the lives of cats and those who live with them. Spells for how to find a new cat, discover the perfect name, and integrate the new kitty in with any cats you might already have. There are spells to deal with various feline issues like the one to ease the stress of a move, find the perfect sitter, or protect a cat that goes outside. There are also healing spells and even one to ease the passing of a beloved companion.

You will learn almost everything about magic from talking to your cat, and using a cat in your magic will double any spell’s power.

If you are speaking secrets you can be utterly certain your familiar will not betray your trust. Cats are creatures of habit, and like the witch, they must have their own sacred space where they sleep, dream, and eat.

You will learn a great deal more about magic from a cat than you would from any witch, a witch would sooner turn you into a toad than give you assistance in witchcraft.

A cat enjoys its own private area with all accouterments, a nice pillow, blanket, bowl, and close to a fireplace. Just like people cats like their privacy so keep their litter tray in a private location, they may refuse to use it otherwise. Cats enjoy quality foods and their meals served in the same place and at the same time each day, they are intelligent, so if you try to switch a brand label cat food for a generic label, the cat will notice and probably refuse to eat it.

A cat will be of great assistance to any witch or wizard as cats themselves are very powerful witches and can perform a variety of spells, they are very intuitive and their sixth sense cannot be matched. A cat will definitely be a lifelong friend, and as a cat is a magical animal you will always have mystery and magic within your home.

As soon as the witch and her familiar have chosen each other, the cat and witch will choose a magic name for the cat. Cats with their particular magical abilities are invaluable in the making of magic and magic potions. Cats also help with divination and they enjoy working with the energy within a sacred circle.

The witch is able to telepathically communicate with her cat familiar and has trained her cat to be on the alert for earthly visitors, ghosts, and spirits, the cat also alerts the witch to people who are good or bad.

Whether your cat is a familiar or not, you can utilize some of the things that come off of them in your magical work. You can clip a small section of fur, for instance, or use the fur from when you brush them. Cats also shed nails and whiskers, and if you look in the places where they usually hang out, you can probably find some of these discarded bits to use in the spells in the book or others you come up with on your own. Of course, you would never pull out a whisker or take a piece from your cat in a way that would hurt them, right?

Don’t forget to use your cat’s example to help you channel your own inner feline. Napping is good, and everyone likes treats. Cats can also remind you to take the time to rest and to play. Taking ten minutes a day to relax with your kitty and play with a piece of string or a mouse-shaped toy will help you bond and make you both happier. If your kitty is older and no longer wants to cavort about, try a nice snuggle—it’s almost like a glass of wine at the end of a long day.

Most of all, just remember to appreciate the innately magical nature of cats and thank yours for sharing that with you and making your life just a little bit more blessed.

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