The Magic of the Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps have seen a surge in popularity lately, and it’s no wonder – they are beautiful accessories to have in the home and give off a lovely, calming glow. But look beyond the surface, and we’ll see that not only are they pleasing to the eye – they can also be used as effective spiritual and magical tools.

The Magickal Properties of Salt

Salt has been used in witchcraft and magick for centuries for healing, purification, and protection. Ancient folklore all over the world describes the use of salt to ward away evil and purify the self.

Salt is a desiccating agent, which means that it absorbs water.  This is why consuming a lot of salt makes you feel thirsty. This is also the reason why salt is used to kill slugs, and to preserve food by killing bacteria. It absorbs the water from these organisms and dehydrates them.  Salt also absorbs oil and other substances.  But most importantly for us, it also absorbs psychic energies very effectively. Salt sucks up energy from its immediate surroundings and holds it, which makes it a fantastic tool for sponging up any energies that are unwanted.

Some ways that Witches can use salt to protect and purify include:

  • Bathing in a salt bath
  • Sprinkling salt into the corners of a room
  • Carrying a small bottle of salt as protection
  • Cleansing tools that are going to be used in rituals
  • Eating or drinking something salty to ground yourself after performing rituals

It’s important to note that salt doesn’t necessarily discriminate between negative and positive energy, it absorbs it all. That’s one reason why many Witches tend to keep salt away from enchantments and stick to using it for banishings. However, Himalayan salt lamps have one aspect which makes them a little more versatile for magical use than regular salt rocks.

I’m sure you have breathed and experienced the air around a waterfall, on the top of a mountain, at the seaside, or after a thunderstorm.

Do you remember how fresh the air was and how rejuvenating you felt? Well, what you experienced was due to the negative ions in the air.

Do you know that you can readily enhance the indoor air quality of your home and workplace by placing a Himalayan salt crystal lamp in the right spot?

A salt lamp does more than just light up a room. Beyond being a decorative piece, a Himalayan natural salt lamp has rejuvenating benefits.

It is not a pain to dust or keep clean either. In fact, it functions just like an air purifier that removes dust, germs, bacteria, and free radicals that might have accumulated in your room over time.

It helps to purify and improve the air quality by emitting negative ions, allowing us to feel more refreshed and energized.

The micron-sized salt particles emitted also have a soothing and cleansing effect on our respiratory tracts and are especially good for people who suffer from respiratory ailments.

Moreover, the Himalayan salt lamps usually come in soothing hues of pinkish colors because of the presence of trace elements in the salt crystals.

A simple device by itself, the salt lamp is composed of a large salt crystal rock that encloses a lighting source. This lighting source can either be a lit candle or a bulb plugged into a wall outlet.

Understanding Ions That Surround Us

To help you appreciate the wonders of a Himalayan salt lamp, let’s first understand what ions are and how do they affect us.

Our air contains both positively-charged ions and negative ions. The balance of the two will impact our well-being and mood.

With all the modern technology available to any household, it can be said that a home can have as many as 3 to 4 electrical appliances that could be running at any moment.

These electrical appliances are sources of a surplus of positive ions. We often spend long hours in such enclosed environments, full of positive ions.

Do you realize that we often feel irritable and fatigued after working with electronic devices for quite some time?

That’s because we are inhaling air filled with positive ions.

And when there are positive ions in the air, they have to seek something to neutralize their charged bodies.

This is where a Himalayan crystal salt lamp comes in to help.

The salt crystal lamp releases negative ions into the air, which then latch onto the positive ions, canceling them out.

As a result, the air feels fresher and more invigorating. And as long as the lamps are kept on, they will keep on creating negative ions for the air.

Now, you won’t have to make long trips to visit the beach or a waterfall just to experience the kind of fresh and rejuvenating air. With a simple salt lamp, you’ll be able to purify the air in your own home or office.

This will lead to easier breathing and more energy for the day ahead.

What Is So Special About Himalayan Salt? Will Other Types of Salt Work?

Himalayan salt is rich in 84 minerals and elements and is considered the purest natural salt in the world today. It is mined from ancient inland ocean beds in the Himalayan Mountains that had once dried up.

As it is found deep in the pristine Himalayan Mountains, covered by snow and ice, and far away from a huge human population, the Himalayan Salt has been protected from pollution through the years.

It continues to be hand-mined to maintain purity.

How Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Work?

A Himalayan salt lamp creates negative ions via natural ionization as water evaporates when the lamp is warmed. It is simple.

Placing a salt crystal lamp in your household will expose the lamp to the air around it. This air, as you might have not realized, is full of moisture. And this moisture contains plenty of positive ions, especially if there are a lot of electronic devices in that area such as computers and entertainment systems.

When a salt lamp is placed in such an area, it attracts the water molecules in the moist air when it is turned. When the water molecules come to the lamp, they evaporate from the heat given off by the lighting source and release negative ions coming from the salt crystal.

The Benefits of a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Besides a breath of fresh air, there are a lot of other benefits that can come from lighting up a salt lamp.

Negative ion-rich air is fresher and easier to breathe. It is also full of micro salt particles from the salt crystal lamp that have clung to the evaporated water.

When you inhale this air, it goes straight into your lungs and attacks things such as bacteria, viruses, and even fungal molds that have been living in your lungs.

People with allergies need not fret in the presence of a salt lamp. The negative ions make it hard for allergens and bacteria to survive in the air.

Those who are suffering from other respiratory ailments such as bronchitis and asthma can breathe easily with the aid of a Himalayan crystal salt lamp.

In addition, negative ions promote the flow of oxygen from the lungs to the brain. That makes you twice as alert and less prone to sleepiness. You can also find it easier to focus on things when your brain gets more oxygen.

You can now say farewell to stress, migraines, tiredness, insomnia, and nervousness as the Himalayan salt lamp is a source of positive energy that continues to rejuvenate you.

Another great thing about Himalayan salt lamps is their inherent charm when they’re turned on. They’re not like other lamps that stand as a static source of light. The pinkish hue of true Himalayan salt crystals and a good light source can create a very tranquil glow that is very soothing in itself.

The relaxing nature of this glow promotes a calm mind despite a hectic lifestyle. This makes these lamps perfect for areas of meditation wherein clear perspective and deep breaths always come hand in hand.

Where To Place The Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp?

Large offices that are full of electronic devices and equipment can potentially benefit from salt lamps.

By releasing negative ions into the positive ion-rich air in these spaces, the indoor air will be cleansed, hence energizing employees without having to send them on vacation to the salt mines.

They are also great to place at a home near all your electrical equipment especially your computer. If you work at home, you’ll notice that you can last longer in front of the screen because of the higher quality air that you’re breathing.

They’re also great for areas where you exercise such as near your exercise equipment or in the gym. Although there aren’t that many positive ions in the air, a purifying salt lamp can do wonders for breathing.

As a result, you can stay at the gym longer and you’ll feel more refreshed after a good workout.

How To Pick The Right One?

First of all, it is important to purchase from reliable sellers to avoid buying imitations. It is important that you are getting a salt lamp made from the real natural Himalayan salt crystal to enjoy the health benefits.

When picking a salt lamp, the first thing you need to do is decide on the color you like.

Himalayan natural salt lamps come from the metalliferous veins of salt crystals found in the Himalayan Mountains.

Salt crystals mined from the different veins have different colors due to their geologic attributes such as density, hardness, and phases of mineralization.

For salt crystals used in lamps, the veins come in 4 colors – pink, white, red, and orange:

1. White salt crystals are the rarest and most exquisite kind.

Once turned into lamps, white salt lamps radiate maximum light; they offer the brightest glow that triggers the body’s innate healing response mechanism.

2. Pink salt crystals are more common and very popular due to their color.

As lamps, they are very attractive pieces, perfect as a gift.

TIP: When selecting a pink salt lamp, go for a deeper pink hue, a darker salmon pink if you may. This means that the salt crystals were mined in a deeper vein deposit and contains healthy levels of iron oxide.

3. Orange salt lamps have the warmest glow, almost similar to the homey feel of a Lava lamp sans the dizzying liquid blobs.

The mellow glow it emits can be very soothing.

4. Red salt lamps are made from salt crystals with a high concentration of iron. Hence, regardless of how strong the light bulb wattage is, it will always give out a deep dark red glow.

It is an attractive addition on your desk or near your bedside. This is not a bright salt lamp, but a perfectly moody and mellow one that would suit you well if you are meditating or just simply relaxing.

Also, be sure to buy the right-sized lamps. You don’t want to spend too much on one big lamp. Sometimes, several smaller lamps can purify a larger area compared to one big one.

How To Use A Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Salt crystal lamps, like any other home decorative lamps, are easy to use. Plug it in then switch it on and voila! You can start basking in its warm glow.

Even though it’s relatively simple to use, here are a few items to bear in mind when you receive your new salt lamp:

The salt lamp typically comes with a fixture or a sturdy wooden base, a plug and power cord, and a bulb.

An average salt lamp can weigh about 4-8 pounds. Some bigger and denser salt lamps can even weigh about 12 pounds. Hence, it is important that the base is firmly affixed. You wouldn’t want your salt lamp accidentally landing on your foot.

Also, the base should protect your furniture from any possible water damage.

Salt is hygroscopic, which means that it attracts and absorbs moisture from the air. As a result, some people have reported puddles of water formed around the base.

TIPS: To avoid this, it is recommended to turn on the salt lamp all the time so that the heat from the light bulb will vaporise the moisture. Also, avoid placing your salt crystal lamp in places with high humidity, such as the bathroom, kitchen or outdoors.

You may also see some white powdery salt trails on the surface. But there is no need to worry as you can easily remove them with a damp rag.

The Himalayan salt lamps bring a special vibe that you can’t get with any regular home décor. In essence, they restore the balance in our micro-environment, bringing us closer to nature and creating a relaxing, soothing yet rejuvenating feeling.

How to Use Himalayan Salt Lamps in Spells and Magick

With the above in mind, here are some ideas for you to experiment with salt lamps and magick:

  • Place your hands on your salt lamp and visualise all the energies you want to let go of pouring into the salt lamp. When you are done, wait for a few minutes, then place your hands on it again and visualise yourself absorbing the positive, balanced energies now emanating from the salt lamp.
  • Experiment with salt lamps and meditation. See how your meditation differs without the lamp, with the lamp switched off, and the lamp switched on.
  • Utilise Himalayan salt lamps in protection spells for yourself or other people – you can even place photos of loved ones at the foot of a salt lamp to call in protection for them.
  • Focus on a salt lamp while meditating, and play around with absorbing the energy emanating from it.
  • Experiment with love, romance and friendship spells – Himalayan salt is said to be good for these purposes!

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