Traditional Witchcraft

Traditional Witchcraft is a wonderful place to start your path as it blends the many fragmented pieces of ancient craft into modern folk-based beliefs and rituals. It is these common threads and traditions that our current working definition is built on.

It’s important to realize that there isn’t one single tradition of Witchcraft, or that being a Traditional Witch is all about following a rulebook. If you’re attracted to ancestral tradition, and you feel a connection to the “old ways” of doing things, Traditional Witchcraft is a great place to start for any new witch.


Traditional witchcraft is any type of witchcraft that has roots, traditions, and origins before what you’ll hear called by many terms–neo-paganism, Wicca, and any of the modern blends of ritual magic. Now, the definition has many gray areas, but in essence, it’s the old ways of magic as practiced before modernization took root. 

Traditional Witchcraft has deep roots in folklore, ancient culture, geographical location, and ancestry. This generally means that when you begin your Traditional Witchcraft journey, you’ll also become a seeker of history and tradition in a lineage of people groups that interest you the most.

Tradition is, of course, at the root of Traditional Witchcraft. This presents a wonderful starting place for you as a new Witch because it means that you need not look any further than your own traditions and cultural heritage to begin your path. 

For instance, someone who can trace a majority of their genealogy back to Ireland might find the Celtic traditions of magic appealing to them. As a result, they may eventually identify with the Celtic pantheon and associated deities as well as begin to work with their ancestor guides who came before.


Cultural inheritance is a fantastic place to start your research. You are connected by blood to an age-old tradition, and there is much power in this fact.

So, as you begin your Traditional Witchcraft journey, begin to find new practices by doing research on the traditions of people-groups that you most closely identify with. There is an abundance of information on the internet and within books that will get you started fast.

Traditional Witchcraft Books