Witchcraft Practices for Comfort and Peace

When life seems like a roller coaster ride of feelings, what do you do? Personally, I have to remind myself to rely on my practice. Witchcraft isn’t just about doing spells during the happy times of your life. Witchcraft is there for us to practice during the hard times, too. Otherwise, what’s the point in having a spiritual system that doesn’t help us during break-ups, financial hardships, deaths, and other tribulations? For those of you who need peace and comfort in your life, here are my personal witchcraft practices for you to try.

Grab a Crystal

When I have terrible nightmares or when I feel scattered, the first thing I do is grab a favorite crystal. I keep my crystals on my nightstand so if I’m struggling with anything I can reach over and just grab one. It helps to absorb negative thoughts, energies and ground me. It may seem simple, but holding a favorite crystal, rock, or object of any kind can bring instant relief in hard times (even if only a little bit).

Calling on Gods and Ancestors

2015 was a difficult year for me. Lots of tough decisions and emotions clouded my head and sometimes the only thing I could do was pray. I prayed to my goddess and my ancestors for peace during some of my hardest moments. And I felt my gods and ancestors’ presence. They were there to comfort me and keep me sane. Goddesses for comfort and peace include Artemis, Hecate, Sophia, and Brigid.

Witchcrafts and Artwork

Depression or dread building up in your head? Sometimes distraction is the best therapy. Dwelling on things you can’t change or things that haven’t happened yet is unhealthy and unproductive. I know how hard it is to get out of that mindset, so do yourself a favor and distract yourself with witch-crafting and artwork. Make a witch’s ladder, a seasonal wreath, a dreamcatcher, a witch’s bottle or jar. Paint a picture and vent your frustrations. Write a poem, spell, letter, whatever distracts you (or releases) from negative thoughts and overwhelming emotions.

Blue Candle Peace Ritual

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard in the witchcraft community that you shouldn’t cast spells when you’re emotional. This is simply not true. Witchcraft is there when you’re in hard times. It’s there to help heal and comfort you. Try lighting a light blue candle and say, “Dear Goddess/Universe/Ancestors, bring me peace during trying times. Give me the wisdom to make the right choices. Comfort me at my worst.” Continue to pray as you focus on the flame burning away your sorrows.

Time in Nature

When I feel like crap physically, mentally, or spiritually, the best therapy is going outside. I work in my garden, I go for a walk in the forest or simply sit outside and observe. I listen to the birds, the wind in the trees, the sounds of bugs buzzing by. I tune out my problems and mind chatter in exchange for a connection with Mother Earth. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Mother Nature is the best therapy and is always there for us during troubling times.

Cleansing Rituals for Peace and Comfort

Often we forget how important magical maintenance of home and self truly is. The number one practice is cleansing. Are you depressed or anxious? Is your household or family in turmoil? Let me ask you something – when is the last time you did a full house or self-cleansing ritual? Time to cleanse away the negative vibes and invite in peace and comfort with smudging, high-vibrational sounds, and healing baths.


I’m sure you’re scratching your head on this one. How is hugging a witchcraft practice? Well, have you ever felt the magick in a simple hug from a loved one or friend? Are you a closed-off person who doesn’t allow for much physical contact? Everyone needs physical touch to feel loved and validated. Not only that, but science shows a twenty-second hug releases the love hormone oxytocin. Which raises your vibrations and relieves anxiety/depression, etc. So hug your pet, beloved friend, or family member! I promise you’ll feel better.

Drink Tea

I swear whenever I have a problem, I run to my herbs cabinet and tea kettle. Have anxiety about a new job? There’s a tea for that. Need mental clarity to take a test? There’s a tea for that. Have marital problems? There’s a tea for that. You don’t have to have an entire herb cabinet. There are a few teas that are great for comfort and peace in any situation including chamomile, rose, mint, and lemon balm.

House Plants

Certain house plants bring peace into the home and help quell quarrels among family members. Some examples include anthurium, bromeliads, ivies, and crocus. Tend to them and keep them healthy and your household will know peace and comfort.

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