Chat Commands

Here are all the commands you can use in chat when my Stream is Live on Twitch.

!commands – Type “!chatcommands” to see all the cool commands you can use in the chat
!subchatcommand – Type “!subchatcommand” to see all the commands you can use in the chat as Subscriber
!pcspecs – My Pc Specs
!socials – Posts a link to all my socials
!love – Type to get some love
Type those to see what happens in chat: ily / lol / lul / uwu

Sounds – Subscriber Only
!blink / !bruh / !chipmunk / !clown / !crickets / !damage / !fart / !goat / !herewego / !hooyah / !lmao / !mario / !run / !sus / !wip / !youcute

Sounds – Everyone
!meow / !stuga / !uwu /

Stream Related
!giveaway – Enter the current giveaway (if there is one active)
!uptime – Stream Uptime
!followage – Posts how long you have been following me on Twitch

Stream Interactions

Sound Alerts

You can also interact with Sound Alerts, a Twitch extension that lets viewers play sound effects on the stream for Bits! You can trigger the sounds using Bits. Some sounds are “free” or you can use Channel Points to trigger them.

Pet Cafe – Pando

Pando is a virtual pet with all the benefits and without a bill from the vet. Pando is a community pet for Twitch streamers. There are up to 6 different pets. The Pando will show emotion, interact with viewers and grow over time. And you can play fun games together like Rock Paper Scissors! There are up to 6 different pets, mine is a cute cat called Sunny (just like my cat) ♥  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

In the panel, below the video on the “About tab”, viewers see the pet, its name, age, stats, cafe, and global ranking amongst other streamers. The creature’s HP bar slowly depletes, but thankfully viewers can use their channel points to provide Hydration or a Treat and restore HP! This will also start a little animation and a sound effect if enabled by the streamer. You can pet it, hydrate or give treats using Bits or Channel Points.

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