Hi, I'm Scarlet

Hi, I’m Scarlet

Scarlet, Content Creator

I’m your host and guide through all things witchy.
It is my intention to assist other witches on their journeys, as well as document my own.
From the bottom of my heart thank you for reading and following along!

As above, so below – Blessed Be! ♥

What Is Moody Witch?

A story as old as time, I’ve been practicing witchcraft for nearly two decades! You might enjoy my journey into the green witchcraft series to learn how to begin your journey as a witch. What I love about witchcraft (besides everything!) is that it’s always fun and interesting and there’s always more to learn! Speaking of more to learn, did you know that this blog has been blessed? I put a blessing on this blog so that it brings charms, blessings, and secret surprises to whoever encounters it and stops by for a read!

At the heart of everything I do, I love working with herbs and plants! Crafting herbal spells and herbal spell remedies brings me a sense of calm, peace, and belonging. I spent many years hiding who I was for fear of judgment and ridicule from peers and loved ones. My practice was private and, admittedly, secretive. I studied and conjured when no one was watching or around. Then I turned 25…and something happened. Something changed in me. I came out of the broom closet. My life was transformed by my desire to live my truth and be my true magical self. And I’ve never looked back since!

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Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word that is all about the cozy, comforting elements of winter. Whether it’s snuggling up with a warm, soft blanket, sipping a hot cup of tea, or spending quality…

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